A meaningful and personal journey...

Hello my name is Dana, owner of Carmine and Lucia's.  I came to Vero Beach for the first time in February 2015 to visit my dad who had just retired here two-months prior.  Four short weeks later after experiencing some concerning symptoms, we received devastating news that my dad had end stage pancreatic cancer.  A man that was rarely sick, had no previous medical history, and took no medications, was gone just 6 weeks later, at the young age of 64. 

A story that is all too familiar to many families. 

I spent a month in Vero with my dad, and took care of him at

home until he passed.  I am very grateful to have had that time

with him, as difficult as it was.  It was by far, the hardest thing I have ever done, and to say it changed my life is an understatement.  Call it an “epiphany” if you will, but I just knew I was returning to Vero.  Thankfully, I was able to share my intentions with my dad a few days before he passed, so he knew my plans. I flew back home to NY, told my family I was moving, and gave a month notice to my employer.  I have since put my career as a cardiac RN on hold to open Carmine and Lucia’s.  Once I made my mind up to open Carmine and Lucia’s, I was a woman on a mission.

 The Store Is Named

In honor of my late grandparents, and my logo is their beautiful wedding photo.  My entire life, I was always enamored by the photo, as it is so incredibly beautiful.  The original, which is 28” tall, hangs in my home.  Now, some 85 plus years later, this image will be in kitchens across the nation.  That thought alone, simply amazes me.  Life is most certainly a journey, and we never know just where it may lead us.  My dad’s decision to retire here, although he only had a few short months, prompted me to make major life changes, as well as making Vero my home.

Wonderful High Quality Products

I am very excited to bring these to the community of Vero Beach. 

It is my belief, that once you consume these products, you will

immediately taste the freshness and quality, notice the difference, and become hooked!


They are made from the freshest olives, crushed within hours of picking, and come from countries in both hemispheres, as well as California. 

We carry fused and infused oils, truffle oils, and ultra-premium

extra virgin olive oils (EVOO).  The balsamic vinegars come from

Modena Italy, birthplace of balsamic vinegar, and are of the highest quality.  They are free of any thickeners, caramel coloring (a known carcinogen), or added sugar.


A culinary connoisseur I certainly am not, however I know good food and quality products.  Growing up with Italian genes, food is something you are surrounded with whether you are hungry or not!   From a very young age, you learn to cook and appreciate good food.  I have been consuming these products myself for over 5 years, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I look forward to seeing you soon!




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Proud to be a designated UP Store
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